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Love learning

We all learn differently. We learn intellectually and we learn from the heart.

We learn through our own experiences and we learn from being with others. Some of us are visual learners and some of us are book learners.

We learn from our clients daily. This is inevitable and vital. But CPD learning is different...

CPD is essential learning for all of us who's work takes us to those difficult and painful places with other humans. Nothing stays the same and nothing ever will. It is so important for us to consciously continue growing. We all need to enhance our love of learning and stay open to new developments and new perspectives. CPD matters.

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What to expect

The onus is on relaxed learning. We come together to love learning, irrespective of our therapeutic approaches. This is what to expect:

Every 2 hour CPD event will consist of a presentation, some will be interactive, others more in the form of a talk. We will be learning from our speaker's personal and professional knowledge, wisdom, experience and depth. Each event will unfold as follows:

  • Check in
  • Welcome to delegates and speaker
  • Introducing our speaker
  • Presentation, part 1
  • Comfort break
  • Presentation, part 2
  • Questions, reflections
  • Closure

    Certificates of Attendance are emailed following the event. You will be able to save as a document or print off.

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    Building a CPD community

    We don't often come together as professionals. These monthly CPD events will change all that. Whether we realise it or not, we are a community of counsellors, therapists, psychologists, mental health professionals - all seeking to support our clients in the best possible way. Meeting other practitioners and putting faces to names is uplifting. We feel connected and part of something. This matters.

    The speakers will help us to explore our thinking, deepening our understanding and open up our awareness. By attending the events we are allowing a space to reflect on our practice and how the talk contributes to the quality of our work with clients/patients.

    Local CPD has many benefits. It's physical! We are not sitting behind our screens. There is something of great value that happens when we are come together, to learn. 'You just have to be there...'


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