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Are you a counsellor, therapist or health professional? Welcome to your new local CPD service providing you with in-person Continuing Professional Development events that are relaxed, informative and inspirational.

Most of us feel that we could benefit by reducing our stress levels by not adding more. Our work is not easy. We are on the front line. So staying local with local key-note presenters and speakers means we all save our precious time and money. Plus, we eliminate the stress of distance travelling.

The local, monthly 2 hour events are a lovely way to stay open to fresh new perspectives, connect with our practice in a deeper way, to inspire each other and ultimately our clients. What could be better?

So if you are a counsellor, therapist, psychologist or health professional you will be looking for sound, varied, affordable, convenient Continuing Professional Development (CPD ) events. Welcome, you have just found what you need.

Welcome. Marina

A little about me

I'm Marina Broadley and I work as a counsellor in my private counselling practice in Hinckley and in Leicester. I am also the founder of Leicestershire CPD for Therapists.

I love learning and everything it brings with it... growth, repair, shift in energy, deeper connections, new understanding, closer relationships, a quiet confidence, increased compassion, a sense of security, psychological safety, increased resilience, joy, awe...

All of this matters tremendously. Because, as I see it, if I'm growing well, then my clients are very likely to follow suit.

Personal and professional development are hard to separate I feel. One shapes and influences the other. Life brings us plenty of experiences to grow and develop. But we too can consciously enhance our growth.

We can become more aware of our growth as we experience life, both in and out of our consulting rooms. We can commit to rearranging priorities so that our own health, wellness and growth are top of our TO DO lists.

As the host of Leicestershire CPD for Therapists I look forward to learning and growing together.

The 3 C's

1. Cost-Effective

Each 2 hour event is priced at £29.50. That's it. The beauty of local CPD is that there are low travel costs and no accommodation costs.

2. Consistent

The CPD events are monthly. This allows for continual growth and learning. No long gaps. No stop, start.

3. Convenient

The CPD locations are within Leicestershire which means no long, tiring days away. If you work within a counselling service or practice it is often quite difficult to free up an entire day. The CPD events are 2 hour in duration, allowing you time to get on with your other commitments.


Welcome. womanonlaptop

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